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Dr. Sanjay K Binwal is one of the most esteemed Urologist in Jaipur. He holds an experience of 13 years in the medical field. So having any urological issues ?

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    Symptoms When You Should Visit Urologist in Jaipur or Urology Doctor in Jaipur

    We have the best medical doctor (Urologist in Jaipur) for Urological diseases and they will provide you with proper diagnosis and consultation for the following symptoms.

    blood urine

    Blood in your urine

    Blood in urine, also known as hematuria, is a symptom where urine appears pink, red, or brownish in color. it signals a condition that needs immediate attention.

    Testicular pain or lumps

    Testicular pain or lumps

    Testicular pain is a discomfort felt in one or both testicles and may be accompanied by swelling, redness, or general discomfort.

    Painful urination

    Painful urination

    It is characterized by burning or stinging sensations associated with the passing of urine. It can be caused by various conditions, including urinary tract infections (UTI)


    UTI is a bacterial infection that can occur within any part of the urinary system including the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra.

    Difficult Urination

    Difficult Urination

    Difficult urination, also known as dysuria, is a common medical condition where it is difficult for a person to pass urine or void fully.

    Urinary incontinence

    Urinary incontinence

    It is a condition where a person unintentionally leaks urine, which can be caused by various factors such as weakened pelvic muscles, nerve damage.

    Lower abdominal pain

    Lower abdominal pain

    Lower abdominal pain can refer to any type of discomfort or mild to severe tenderness that occurs anywhere between the bottom of the rib cage and the pelvis.

    Extreme Flank Pain

    Extreme Flank Pain

    It is the result of a severe medical condition that can be experienced in the lower abdomen, between the ribs and hips.

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    MBBS, MS, MCh (Urology)

    Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Urologist in Jaipur

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal is a Sr. Urologist in Jaipur and a Kidney Transplant surgeon. He has more than 13+ years of experience. Dr. Sanjay K Binwal did his MBBS from the prestigious SNMC Medical College, Jodhpur, MS from RNT Medical College, Udaipur, and MCh in Urology and kidney Transplant from one of the pioneer institutes, IPGME&R, Kolkata. After completing his Superspeciality course, He is working as Consultant Urologist in Jaipur since 2016.

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal (Urologist in Jaipur) provides advanced treatment for the following urological disease such as:

    • Kidney Transplant
    • Kidney Stone
    • Urinary Retention
    • Prostate Enlargement
    • Infertility 
    • Urinary Tract Infection 
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    The pink city Super Speciality Clinic is equipped with the best and most modern medical instruments. Some of the top services this urology clinic offers are- Dialysis / Haemodialysis, Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Kidney Stone Treatment, Renal (Kidney) Surgery, General Medical Consultation.

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    PinkCity Super Speciality Clinic is a very safe and trusted urology clinic in Jaipur.

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    Why Choose Dr. Sanjay K Binwal for Urology Diseases Treatment in Jaipur?

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal has a long experience in his field and treated to so many patients with a maximum success rate.


    100% Safe & Trusted

    PinkCity Super Speciality Clinic is a very safe and trusted urology clinic in Jaipur.


    Positive Results

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal provides the best medical treatment with positive results.


    Expert In Several Treatments

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal has an expert in several Urology treatments and surgery with a maximum success rate.


    Best Consultation

    Dr. Sanjay K Binwal has a vast experience as a consultant for urological surgery and treatment.

    # Read All The FAQ Related To Urocare - Urological Diseases.


    Urinary diseases are quite common and can range from annoying, but manageable ailments to complex, potentially life-threatening conditions. The most frequent urinary diseases include urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, and kidney issues such as chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.

    Urology problems symptoms include frequent or painful urination, lower abdominal pain or pressure, blood in the urine, difficulty with bladder control, an urge to urinate constantly, and pain during sexual intercourse. Other signs that may indicate urology problems include male infertility, scrotal swelling/pain, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and prostate enlargement for men.

    Urology problems can be caused by a variety of factors including age, lifestyle choices and underlying medical conditions. Aging can cause muscles surrounding the bladder to weaken, making it more difficult for them to release urine, leading to various urinary issues.

    A urologist in Jaipur is a medical specialist who specializes in treating conditions relating to the urinary tract (bladder, kidneys and ureters) as well as male reproductive organs. They diagnose and treat a wide range of urinary tract problems, such as bladder control issues, testicular or prostate cancers, infertility, kidney/ureteral stones, complex kidney diseases and disorders of the adrenal glands.

    If you’re having a hard time urinating, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. It can be caused by things like prostate enlargement, narrowing of the urethra, or constipation. Symptoms vary depending on the cause, but difficulty in starting to urinate, weak or interrupted flow of urine, and a feeling of incomplete emptying may occur.

    If you have recently started experiencing painful urination, it is always best to check in with your doctor. The most common cause of painful urination is a urinary tract infection, which is easily treated with medication if it is identified and addressed early. Other possible causes include certain medications, sexually-transmitted infections, kidney stones, or radiation treatments.

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